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Faculty of Art and Design, 

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Landscape Ecological
Design & Planning
Research laboratory

Professor Dr. Naoko Fujita: Director of the laboratory

School of Art and Design | Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences | Environmental Design | Landscape Design

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Landscape Ecology

Ecological Design

Sacred Shrine Forest

Cultural Biodiversity

Green Infrastructure


Lab. Overview 

LANDSCAPE ECOLOGICAL DESIGN AND PLANNING RESEARCH LABORATORY, fujita naoko lab., is a piece of the faculty of Art and Design at the University of Tsukuba, JAPAN. We research on landscape structures and processes of natural environments, cultures, and human societies from the perspective of landscape ecology. Our laboratory emphasis on producing results as design such as proposing practical measures for regional planning and land use designs. We seek to answer the question “What is the ideal ecological design for future generations?”

Research Subjects

Our main research subject is the relationships among the natural environment, culture, and people within their local climate on the basis of landscape ecology and nature-based solutions.


Green Infrastructure, Eco-DRR, Landscape Ecology, Environmental Design, Landscape Ecological Design, Nature-based Solutions, Cultural Biodiversity, Value of Sacred Forests, Forest of Shinto Shrine, GIS, Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Text Mining

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Social Contribution Activities

Based on Research and Lectures

アンカー 1

Regional Revitalization Actions and Plans

Introduction of a practical lecture on understanding regional revitalization and landscape diversity through walking, interaction, and information dissemination.

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Tsukuba R8 Rogaining

Discovering and Disseminating Attractions Created from Exchanges between University Students and the R8 community, creating activity, making maps, and conducting town marches.


with/post CORONA

Art and design works provided by the art department, hoping that you will be able to enrich your "new daily life" with/after Corona.

Various Representation with healing for COVID-19

A collection of works created by first-year university students who have just entered the university, using a common motif but with different expressions, praying for a cure for Covid-19.

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