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Landscape Ecology for Natural Disasters

Joint research on creating a multifaceted symbiotic environmental design for medical and welfare facilities for people with disabilities mediated by agriculture <AGRI+CULTUER> 


Research Objectives

While supporting the medical and welfare perspectives, we will design the site space and communication contents mediated by agriculture, and clarify various effects including economic aspects. 

Research Contents

  1. Explore the potential of the target site and surrounding environment

  2. Analysis of actual examples of agricultural experiences involving people with disabilities

  3. Design proposals for site spaces that promote hands-on agricultural activities

  4. Development of communication content created from agriculture 

Collaboration Partner




Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration

Research Details

Landscape Ecology is an interdisciplinary discipline that tries to elucidate hierarchically the various characteristics of the landscape from various scales and perspectives. It provides a scientific and logical basis for regional planning and land-use policies, i.e., ecological planning, which is necessary for the continuation of ecological functions.

The main theme of landscape ecology is the creation of structures and functions of landscapes and the process of their change in various places from natural to urban areas.
We identify how ecological and social processes and the ecological and social processes dictated by landscape structure affect and alter landscape structure, ecological functions, and ecological processes. By using multiple spatial scales, we promote an understanding of the totality of the landscape, including human sensibilities and culture.

As a laboratory of landscape ecology in the school of Art and Design, we focus on the output to planning and design such as regional planning and land-use policies. There is also an idea to use the concept of landscape ecology as a method for proposing ecological design.


Research Achievements

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