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People with disabilities represent 15% of the world's population and 7.4% of the Japanese population. We conduct this research in order to contribute to the realization of the SDGs by creating a symbiotic society where their physical and social segregation is removed.

The purpose of this study is to design the site space and communication contents mediated by agriculture while supporting the medical and welfare perspectives, and to clarify various effects including economic aspects. The characteristic feature of this research is to clarify the form of community based on scientific evidence through the approach of a medical corporation and an environmental design specialist to the agricultural activities of the disabled, which have been mainly conducted by agricultural corporations and welfare facilities.

Research Contents

  • <AGRI+CULTURE> Creating a multifaceted symbiotic environmental design for medical and welfare facilities for people with disabilities mediated by agriculture

  • Research on green space design and human resource development to promote agricultural and welfare cooperation

  • Creation of a community symbiotic environmental design to promote the mental and physical health of people with disabilities through "Agriculture and Fortune Cooperation"


  • Naoko Fujita

  • Tian Zile

  • Ding Ma

Research Fields, Research partners

  • Wakamori, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture

  • Yatabe, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture

  • Shunichiro Ito, President of the medical corporation AGRI

Research Information

Research Activities


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Design, University of Technology Eindhoven, Netherlands

  • Master of Art, Environmental Design, University of Tsukuba, Japan

  • Scholarship, JST SPRING

  • JLPT N1

  • TOEFL 112/120

Research Theme

A Study on Walking and Staying Behavior and Visual Landscapes in Open Spaces

-Identifying Factors that Promote Habit Formation and Trigger Return Visits-

Research Keywords

Habit Formation, Public Spaces, Open Spaces, Well-being, Visual Landscape, Human Behavior, Walking, Staying

More Info


  • Lecturer at Komatsubara Gakuen Eimei High School,Saitama Pref.,2023.04-2024.3

  • Lecturer at Kaichi Gakuen Kaichi Junior High and High School,Saitama Pref.,2024.04-

  • Senior High School Teacher's Specialist License (Art)

  • Junior High School Teacher's Specialist License (Art)

  • Elementary School Teacher's License

  • Jury support intern at the 2022 Good Design Award

  • Master of Art, Environmental Design, University of Tsukuba, Japan

  • Bachelor of Faculty of Education, Art, Saitama University, Japan

Research Theme

Research on the Effect of Wooden Spaces on Nursery Schools and Kindergartens : A Clarification of its Regional Design

Research Keywords

Woodification, Early Childhood Education, Children, Educational Methods, Regions, Nursery Schools, Kindergartens, Certified Children's Centers, Educational Environment

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